Dress It Up Glittered Sunglasses Buttons
These glittered sunglasses buttons are very bright! They have shanks and measure approximately 1" x 1/2". This is a set of six buttons.
Dress It Up All that Glitters Ladybug Buttons
These glittered ladybugs are so cute! Add them to scrapbook layouts, cards, clothing, and hairbows. This package contains 8 shank red glittered ladybug buttons, approximately 5/8" in size.
Dress It Up New Arrival-Girl Buttons
Package contains pink, purple, and white baby girl-related button. Includes a rattle, baby carriage, stork, teddy bear, and more. These are shank buttons. Package includes 10 buttons.
Dress It Up Snowy Friends Buttons
What cute snowman and snow flake buttons! These buttons include shank and 2-hole. Use these as decorative elements on cards and scrapbook layouts. It's easy to snap off the shank on the button to make it flat. You can also...
Favorite Findings Snowy Woods Buttons
Includes flatback and shank buttons in a snowy woods theme. Includes a cardinal, snowflakes, fir trees, pinecones and more. Contains 9 shank and flatback buttons.
Favorite Findings Ladybug Buttons
Package contains 12 ladybug buttons that measure approximately 10mm long. These are shank buttons.
Dress It Up Buttons Say "Ahhh"
Package contains approximately 10 shank-type buttons that relate to nursing. Includes an Rx Bottle, Nurse's cap, stethoscope, thermomater, and more.
Favorite Findings Bright Purple, and Green Round Buttons
Package contains 130 brightly colored 2-hole and 4-hole buttons, approximately 8mm round.
Dress It Up Sew Cute Paws Buttons, 10 Pieces
Contains 10 flat back paw print buttons that measure approximately 5/8".
Favorite Findings Fun Buttons, 130 Count
This package contains 130 pieces in shades of deep blue, yellow, and purple, 2-hold and 4-hole flat back buttons. You can use these for clothing, however, they make decorations on cards and scrapbook layouts.
Favorite Findings Fun & Games Buttons, 8 Pieces
This package includes 8 buttons that ae related to sport. The buttons include a baseball bat, skates, baseball, basketball, and more.
Favorite Findings Dots & Stripes Buttons, 14 Pieces, Black & White
This package includes 14 2-hole buttons. The buttons measure approximately 5/8" and 1/2". These black and white buttons are cute by themselves, but why not get more buttons to stack on top of these button! Make earrings using thin filament wire, add...
Favorite Findings Traditional Mini Stars Buttons
This package contains 49 2-hole star-shaped buttons in red, white, and blue. Are you patriotic? You can add these buttons to clothing, hair bows, scrapbook layouts, and cards. Their are to sizes of buttons in this package 4mm and 2mm.
Jesse James Dress It Up Buttons All Sewn Up Buttons, Set of 8
This package of Jesse James Dress It Up Buttons contains 8 buttons  measure anywhere from 3/4" to 1 1/2". Buttons include scissors, tape measure, buttons, needle, and more.  These buttons are great for your friends who sews. You can add...
Favorite Findings Mini Fun Buttons
This package contains 75 mini 2-hole colorful buttons. Sew them on clothing, add them to your scrapbook layouts, and your cards. Get other buttons and you can stack them together with thin filament wire to make earrings!
Boxer Seashore Button Jar Mix
Use buttons as decorative on cards, scrapbook pages, and many other crafts. The jar weighs 4 ounces and has several different size buttons, and colors. All the buttons are round.
Blumenthal Glamour Blue Rhinestone Button
These are glamorous buttons! Add them to scrapbook layouts for a bit of bling and dimension. Or add them to clothing and hairbows. The buttons measure approximately 3/4" in diameter. This is a set of two rhinestone blue buttons with...
Favorite Findings Tiny Dogs Buttons
These Blumenthal Lansing Tiny Dogs buttons are perfect for adding a little extra to your pet-themed crafting projects. These buttons include dog bones and dog paws in 3 different colors. Some of these buttons are flatback and some are shank buttons. They measure...
Favorite Findings Furry Friends Buttons
These Blumenthal Furry Friends buttons are perfect for adding a little extra to your pet-themed crafting projects. These buttons include dogs, cats, dog bones, and fish. Add them to cards and layouts for a dimensional look. These are shank buttons. Package includes...
Denami Design Mimi's Boutique Sand Brown Button Mix
These buttons are perfect for adding a little extra to your crafting projects. These buttons include various sizes that measures 1" to 1/4" all with 4-holes. Add them to cards and layouts for a dimensional look.
Favorite Findings Baseball Buttons
These Blumenthal Baseball Buttons are perfect for adding a little extra to your baseball-themed crafting projects. These buttons include a baseball bat, glove, sneakers, baseball and more. Add them to cards and layouts for a dimensional look. This package includes 9 buttons.
Trims & Buttons Inc. Americana Itty Bitty Buttons, 4mm
What could be more fun than tiny little buttons in the colors of the American flag?These patriotic buttons are perfect for adding a splash of red, white and blue to your crafting projects. Whether you're making a card for Memorial...
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