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We have been asked a question about items that are new and used that we list for sale.  A good question that we welcome.  Please read below:

Even though many of our products have been preowned, 95% of them are new, meaning they have never been used.  If a product has been used, we tell you that in the product description.  If the description doesn't indicate that the product is used, then it is new.  The product description also has photos of the product.  You can tell from the photos condition of the product.  We will never intentionally sell anything that is damaged or unusable. 

Regarding a question about our wood mounted rubber stamps.  We have hundreds of them and list each one separately so our customers can select each one they like or bundle them together into one purchase.  Our wood mounted stamps are priced to compete with unmounted stamps, particularly where shipping costs are an issue.  We inspect, clean, identify, describe, photo and name each stamp individually then seal them in plastic for protection.  If you order more than $20 of wood mounted stamps, we will ship your order to you with FREE shipping.  Your stamps come to you ready to use without the bother of mounting and other issues.  We have lots of stamps yet to list so come back often.  Thanks for the interest.  Please visit our website and subscribe to receive interesting store offers in the future.


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